Energy Network of Things Video Series: What Sets Blue Pillar Apart?

Posted by Eric Reichel, Vice President Product & Operations on Aug 10, 2017 11:45:00 AM
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When a facility is looking at deploying an energy network solution, the typical path is through a Building Automation Systems that requires lengthy customized SCADA programming to connect disparate assets. This often requires hiring an integration firm to install hardware and toolkits. In the process of programming the BAS, you run the risk of opening a security back door. The end result? Lengthy, months-long (or even years-long) science fair-like projects that not only leave organizations in the dark about how their assets are being connected, they are also wide open to cyber intruders.

Because of this process, Building Automation Systems have had a hard time connecting all “Energy Things”.  It’s just not economically or technically feasible. As a result, today, vital energy data remains trapped inside legacy assets, meters and proprietary systems. To access trapped data, crews must travel to the asset, conduct visual inspections, take readings from fuel tanks, batteries, and meters. They capture this information in clipboards and binders. Later, information is copied and stored in binders for after-the-fact analysis.

Without connectivity, the real-time data your facilities need to be more energy efficient, productive or reliable is not readily available. To fix this, we need to connect everything. Not just the easy stuff like thermostats and meters, or the new stuff that is already digital or smart. We need to connect everything, new or old and regardless of make, model, vintage or type. This is a much more complicated reality, but absolutely a pre-requisite for the Facility of the Future.

What sets Blue Pillar apart is our ability to connect all types of “Energy Things™.” Our award-winning Aurora® Energy IoT platform and unique deployment methodology are the first self-configurable solution to auto-prescribe secure energy control networks to connect behind-the-meter distributed energy resources for real-time control and collection of energy data.

Blue Pillar uniquely brings facilities into the digital age by connecting all energy assets with a single platform. Blue Pillar’s Aurora platform collects and organizes facility energy data in real time, while enabling centralized control of all meters and behind-the-meter Energy Things. From legacy diesel generators and switches to solar panels, inverters and batteries, Blue Pillar’s mission is to connect anything that consumes, generates, switches, stores, or measures energy – regardless of make, model or vintage.

Here are a few key differentiators to keep in mind:

Open, Vendor-Agnostic Universal Connectivity

Aurora connects all Energy Things on one open platform. We welcome any energy device and third-party application to unlock the barriers that stand in the way of providing centralized real-time monitoring and control. With Aurora, all energy data is finally in one place and available through an OpenAPI to feed any third-party energy management system.

Automated Deployment

We start with a template-driven, electronic survey of your infrastructure to inventory every Energy Thing you want to connect. Drawing on our comprehensive library of Energy Things we’ve connected in the past, we immediately self-prescribe the best-fit-network that will drive your unique business outcomes. Installation happens quickly and without the need to involve systems integration services or lengthy onsite customized development.

Cyber Security

Traditional methods to connect to energy data required working with systems integration firms that necessitated onsite customized development and access to IT networks. When not following security best practices, these systems integrators left networks vulnerable to attack. Aurora follows best-in-class security practices based on a layered cybersecurity approach to protect data from sensor to cloud, while ensuring you get all the benefits of an open platform without the risk

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