Vote for Houston Methodist to Win the 2016 Facility Achievement Award

Posted by Kimberly Getgen on Jun 30, 2016 8:49:30 AM
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We are proud to announce Houston Methodist is in the running for the 2016 Facility Maintenance Decisions Achievement Award.  Cast your vote today!

This exciting project is seven years in the making. Starting back in 2006, Houston Methodist looked to automate compliance testing of the Emergency Power systems. Like many hospitals, the equipment that made up Houston Methodist’s EPSS was installed at different times and consisted of equipment from several different manufacturers. Building Automation Systems were evaluated, but struggled to connect this diverse set of equipment without customized SCADA development to connect each asset. Instead, Houston Methodist turned to Blue Pillar Aurora®, an Energy IoT solution that connects any EPSS asset regardless of make, model, vintage, or protocol, without requiring customized SCADA development.

Through Blue Pillar, Houston Methodist quickly connected eight generators, 66 automatic transfer switches and 15 meters into a system-wide, secure network without needing any customized development. Once installed, the Aurora Energy Network of Things platform began working as a system of systems gathering data from all assets. This allowed real-time visibility and control, and provided remote testing and monitoring capabilities.

Today, Houston Methodist has fully automated the compliance reporting of their EPSS through Blue Pillar’s centralized IoT platform that allows facility staff to review testing results anytime, anywhere via mobile devices or tablets. The solution reduces the time and effort required to prepare for an accreditation audit by about 1.5 hours per EPSS test. Better yet, multiple systems can be tested at the same time, and the reporting process is streamlined, consistent and accurate. As an added benefit, potential equipment failure or performance issues of the backup system are identified in time to address them, ensuring a higher level of patient health and safety.

Vote for Houston Methodist and support them in their run to receive the 2016 Facility Maintenance Decisions Achievement of the Year

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