Taking Advantage of the Disruption at the Grid Edge Part 3: Energy Network-as-a-Service

Posted by Kimberly Getgen on Jul 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM
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Over the past five years, the utility industry has faced unprecedented technological disruptions brought on by Energy IoT. A plethora of new, grid-connected devices have formed complex IoT networks featuring a variety of energy assets such as smart meters, sensors and even street lights. But what makes these systems “smart’”? It is the data that drives them.

All the advantages offered by IoT networks — grid resiliency, energy efficiency, operations optimization — are made possible through the utilization and organization of this data. This presents exciting new opportunities for service providers and C&I facilities alike. With simplified and ubiquitous connectivity, real-time data and control brings harmony to the customer-utility relationship. Energy providers can transform DERs from isolated, behind-the-meter entities into a series of integrated, site-enabled networks — freeing every asset to fulfill its potential.

Blue Pillar’s award-winning Aurora® platform makes this comprehensive, behind-the-meter connectivity possible. This single software platform synchronizes all devices that generate, store, consume, switch or measure electricity. Legacy assets previously thought of as stranded, obsolete or ready for retrofit are suddenly revitalized and take on new value.

Energy Network-as-a-Service (ENaaS) is a truly disruptive breakthrough for taking advantage of behind-the-meter data, offering an IoT technology as a fully-integrated, all-inclusive service.

The Aurora software platform has now evolved into a seamless, end-to-end service. The Aurora ENaaS offering allows energy providers to tap into all the advantages of Energy IoT technology through real-time data and control of behind-the-meter energy assets, without once setting foot behind the meter. Utilities need not worry about the arduous task of connecting old and inconsistent systems. Aurora ENaaS is here — the simplest and most affordable option for utilities to reach next generation energy services.

What does this imply for energy providers in the greater context of the energy industry? Our energy systems are transforming rapidly as Energy IoT technology infiltrates all aspects of the grid. If utilities wish to remain as the trusted providers of reliable and affordable power, then they must be proactive and enthusiastic about harnessing behind-the-meter data.

Blue Pillar’s Aurora ENaaS offering now makes this easier than ever, along with full life-cycle management of behind-the-meter deployment by Blue Pillar. Any concerns about operational deployment or maintenance can be quickly forgotten, since the ENaaS architecture incorporates the delivery, installation and configuration of hardware from the very beginning. Behind-the-meter data access and control is granted through an open Application Program Interface (API). Aurora ENaaS delivers utilities easily digestible behind-the-meter data, in an unbeatably secure and autonomous fashion. Users of Aurora ENaaS gain all the same automated platform benefits that have earned the award-winning Aurora platform its great reputation — with the added value of comprehensive management services to keep behind-the-meter networks up and running.

Download our ebook, Taking Advantage of the Disruption at the Grid Edge, to learn more about how Aurora ENaaS can turn the shifting energy landscape at the grid edge into a wealth of exciting, revenue-generating opportunities.

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