Outage-Proofing Your Businesses and Data Centers Part II

Posted by Tom Ehart, Director of Marketing Communications on Sep 7, 2017 9:19:00 AM


Forty years ago, in July of 1977, New York City experienced an historic blackout. In the span of an hour, almost every neighborhood from Yonkers to Manhattan was in the dark, giving the United States its first look at the crippling effects of power outages on a wide scale, affecting nearly 8 million people.

Flash-forward forty years later to 2017 and power outages across the country still threaten critical businesses. Consider these statistics:

  • Power outages are estimated to cost businesses $150 billion annually and the cost of data center outages are up 38% since 2010
  • It is estimated North American businesses lose $26.5 billion each year due to IT downtime and data recovery.

Critical businesses still tend to rely on back-up power generators in the event of an emergency, even as many look to alternatives such as batteries and microgrids. And they’re looking to alternatives for good reason: It is estimated that 20-30 percent of generators fail when called on and over 50% of alarms from generators are false calls that require a site visit to reset. This is costly, confusing, and no way to manage critical infrastructure in a crisis, certainly not in 21st century. But without real-time monitoring and control of back-up generation, businesses can fall mercy to power outages costing millions of dollars in a single outage.

Blue Pillar’s innovative and advanced Energy IoT platform, Aurora®, changes the way businesses operate during outages. Our platform allows your business or facility to remotely monitor and test generators and other power-generating assets, without taking time to visit the site.

Going one step further, Blue Pillar is a forerunner in microgrid enablement. Ranked the #1 leader in microgrid portfolio by Navigant, Blue Pillar more easily connects and controls the Energy Things™ needed for a microgrid. Aurora is the only energy IoT solution to connect all Energy Things into one open and secure platform. We eliminate barriers that prevent successful microgrid deployments: for example, the need to connect legacy diesel generators to next generation assets like solar panels. Blue Pillar levels the playing field by connecting any Energy Thing into one centralized platform regardless of make, model, vintage or type.

Talk to Blue Pillar. Our Aurora platform can help protect your business from the next outage.

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