Access Real-Time Energy Data with Aurora®

Jun 3 2016


Frederick, MD – January 26, 2016 – Blue Pillar, provider of the world’s first self-configurable Energy Network of Things™ platform that connects and controls distributed energy assets, today announced the availability of its next generation Aurora platform, extending its reach to include meter connectivity and real-time access to energy consumption data. Historically known for providing ubiquitous connectivity to Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS), diesel generators, microgrids and distributed generation resources, Blue Pillar’s Aurora Energy Network of Things platform has expanded its out-of-the-box connectivity to now include water, gas, electric and steam meters. This new level of connectivity supports facility managers that are looking to deploy energy management programs, submetering data collection, and Measurement & Verification (M&V) applications with real-time meter information across all energy types, without having to rely on historic trends that often can only be gained after the energy bill has arrived. This new connectivity gives facilities access to multiple siloed systems, in order to standardize on one ubiquitous connectivity platform. This allows them to centralize data and control across the building portfolio, without needing to replace legacy equipment or stranded meters. 


“With this new level of connectivity, Blue Pillar will bring significant disruption to the largely fragmented nature of the Energy Management industry, starting by connecting meters, including electric, water, gas and steam, and allowing facilities to standardize on one platform that reaches across their entire energy portfolio without customized systems integration,” said Tom Willie, CEO of Blue Pillar. “We believe access to real-time energy management data is a right, yet meters are often a facilities’ most stranded asset and most facilities are forced to rely on old billing data or Energy Star information that is received after energy is consumed. Our next generation Aurora platform provides real-time energy data through ubiquitous meter connectivity, allowing facilities to establish a real-time energy baseline across all of their facilities,” said Mr. Willie.


Over the last 20 years, approaches to creating energy networks meant hiring system integration firms to do lengthy customized development, opening building networks to cyber-security threats and adding unnecessary costs. The inevitable byproduct of this approach meant each individual energy asset had its own underlying network that needed to be programmed, maintained and secured. This approach to connectivity was inordinately expensive, exposed cyber-security vulnerabilities and left behind many stranded assets.


With its Aurora® Energy Network of Things™ platform, Blue Pillar has been able to create a solution that connects energy assets more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional approaches, in a manner that requires no onsite programming and no need to replace existing equipment. This implementation begins with a thorough tablet-driven onsite survey, where all energy assets are quickly inventoried into a digital format and an energy network is prescribed automatically. Following the survey, pre-configured Blue Pillar retrofit kits and self-configurable Aurora gateways are installed to create a secure, best-fit network that can be deployed 75 percent faster and 30 percent more affordably than traditional approaches, completely eliminating the need for customized systems integration.


Along with this simplified connectivity to meter assets, the latest generation Aurora platform also offers an accompanying suite of free energy data visualization and reporting capabilities for Energy Heat Maps, Portfolio Drift, Period-Over-Period Comparisons, Load Study Reporting, and Peak Demand Management. Additionally, Aurora fully supports the integration of third party energy management or dashboard solutions if the customer chooses.


As a proof-point to its momentum, Blue Pillar also announced today that they were recognized by the Cleantech Group for the second year in a row, placing in the 2015 Global Cleantech 100. The company was also recognized as the 15th fastest growing energy tech company on the Deloitte Fast 500 in 2015.


Currently Available

The Aurora platform is currently available and shipping. For more information contact or download our Facility of the Future™ e-book series to learn more about the five disruptive trends that will impact the energy management industry in 2016, and how you can best prepare for them.


About Blue Pillar

Blue Pillar is the leading Energy Network of Things provider for distributed energy networks. Our award winning Aurora® platform, and patented deployment methodology is the first solution to connect behind-the-meter distributed energy resources by selfprescribing secure IoT networks that enable real-time control of assets and collection of energy data. Using Aurora, hundreds of the world’s most complex facilities operators have increased their energy resiliency, efficiency or self-sufficiency efforts including Duke University Medical Center, Tenet Healthcare and Houston Methodist. Energy service providers have been able to offer new services to their Commercial and Industrial (C+I) customers by centrally monitoring, managing, and dispatching behind-the-meter assets with Aurora. Blue Pillar was recognized as one of the 15 fastest growing energy tech companies in North America by the Deloitte Fast 500™. Learn how Blue Pillar can help you take control of your energy future faster and more affordably by visiting or on Twitter at @bluepillarinc.