Blue Pillar’s Innovation Recognized by Recent Award Wins and Industry Momentum

Posted by Tom Willie on Dec 16, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Blue Pillar has been making headlines for our incredible suite of products and hard-working employees, and I could not be more proud of our recent accolades. The Aurora® platform was named Product of the Year by Energy Manager Today and earned both Gold and Silver Golden Bridge Awards as an Energy Industry Innovation of the Year.  Additionally, Deloitte recognized Blue Pillar as a Technology Fast 500™ company listed as the 15th fastest growing energy tech company emerging on the list in our inaugural year. 


There is no doubt in my mind that the Aurora platform warrants recognition, but more importantly, it continues to benefit Blue Pillar customers. For those unfamiliar with how Aurora is innovating within the energy space, I will share the information that won over the esteemed judges of these awards.  

Aurora – Energy Network of Things Platform

Disrupting the energy management industry through simplified connectivity

At the core of our Aurora solution is an Energy Network of Things™ platform that provides simplified, ubiquitous connectivity, in order to collect energy management data and control energy equipment within critical facilities. 

As the industry’s first and only turnkey Energy Network of Things platform, Aurora enables facilities to connect any existing facility energy-related equipment such as meters, generators, automatic transfer switches, or mechanical equipment regardless of make, model, vintage, or protocol. It then collects meaningful energy data, equipment status, critical alarms, and operational health and readiness data from facility equipment into a highly scalable, open platform.  Additionally, the solution allows users to control an entire facility’s equipment portfolio, to execute critical power system compliance/readiness testing, and to automate energy efficiency programs such as Demand Response.

This ability to connect and control assets is not achieved via the traditional route of custom system integration, toolkits and SCADA development that has hampered the industry for 20 years.  Instead, Aurora uses a highly innovative Energy Network of Things approach that combines an automated survey process with auto-configured equipment configurations, to allow Blue Pillar to deploy our facility networks 75% faster and 30% more affordably than the traditional approach. And that dreaded IT approval step? It is no problem with Aurora.  We have integrated cybersecurity and best-in-class security practices from the beginning, making Aurora the first building automation network facility managers will ever deploy that will be truly “stamped and certified” by their IT departments.

Aurora – Energy Network of Things Community

Disrupting the energy management industry through an open API that can connect to any application

Whether you or your customers have energy management goals to increase energy resiliency, improve efficiency or enable self-sufficiency, Aurora will help achieve these goals not just with our connectivity and control platform, but with the industry’s most flexible approach to enabling energy management applications.  Because Aurora provides out-of-the-box data visualization, trending and alarming while being open at the application layer, Blue Pillar provides customers with many choices:

  1. Actively choose from dozens of applications that are powered by Aurora
  2. Select a 3rd party application provider to interface with Aurora
  3. Develop your own IT interfaces using data from facility assets

Facility customers from all different types of industries are utilizing the data collection, visualization and asset control capabilities of the Aurora platform to solve for numerous use cases including:

  • Meter Data Management and Visualization
  • Energy Management
  • Automated Demand Response
  • Generator Monitoring and Fleet Management
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management
  • Automated Circuit Load Studies for New Construction Projects
  • On-site Base Load Generation Monitoring and Microgrid

And the applications for Aurora do not stop at simple “single site” use cases.  The real power of Aurora is showcased when geographically dispersed facilities or fleets of energy assets are integrated into a Centralized Management strategy.  When all facility energy data is brought together in one central location, organizations can then centralize decision making and institute system-wide operational oversight and compliance, execute energy efficiency programs, utilize real-time data from facilities, and support budgeting and asset planning across geographically-dispersed sites.

Lastly, if you are a retail energy service provider looking to engage your Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers more effectively, the Aurora platform provides the optimal “behind the meter” connectivity and control platform to centralize your management of assets. Blue Pillar and third-party providers have dozens of existing energy software applications you can bundle with your service offerings to customers.  Our retail energy service providers are finding new ways to increase revenue, reduce churn, and create a more integrated relationship with their most lucrative customers every single day.

This cumulative product suite makes up our award-winning Aurora platform — the de facto standard for the Energy Network of Things. With it, we plan to disrupt the energy management industry by focusing on ubiquitous connectivity and a world class open approach to applications enablement that are scalable across your entire multisite facility footprint and fleet of energy assets.

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