Blue Pillar Wins Prestigious Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award for Behind-the-Meter Internet- of-Energy, Part 3:  Energy Network-as-a-Service (ENaaS)

Posted by Todd Krause, Chief Commercial Officer on Sep 28, 2017 9:45:00 AM
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In our last blog post, we outlined the factors that contributed to Blue Pillar’s selection as the winner of Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Excellence Leadership Award due to the ability to better address behind-the-meter connectivity needs of commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. But innovating in the ways to deliver exceptional customer value through our services-based approach was something that distinguished us from the competition.

A break-through in working with Utilities, Energy Service Providers and DR Aggregators stemmed from Blue Pillar’s ability to offer the Aurora® platform as an “Energy Network-as-a-Service (ENaaS)”, a seamless, end-to-end solution eliminating as much as 30% of the expense of building the behind-the-meter networks. In 2017, Blue Pillar launched its ENaaS to advance the company’s mission from creating IoT platforms to simplifying access to behind-the-meter data with a turnkey, “no-touch,” proactively monitored, sensor-to-cloud Aurora energy IoT network without ever setting foot behind the meter. Blue Pillar’s ENaaS eliminates operational deployment and maintenance concerns and delivers all hardware, installation and configuration required to keep the network alive — including full lifecycle management — dramatically reducing development time and costs. To date, ENaaS provides the simplest, most affordable path to delivering next generation energy services that require real-time data and control behind the meter.

An example of the success of ENaaS is illustrated in the Frost & Sullivan report. Blue Pillar teamed up with one of the largest retail Energy Service Providers (ESP) in the United States to help it navigate this increasingly complex energy environment behind the meter at large C&I sites. Working with Blue Pillar, the ESP saw an opportunity to provide a solution framework that was open, interoperable and able to solve its customers’ pressing flexibility, energy efficiency and sustainability challenges. Through our seamless, end-to-end ENaaS offering, this energy provider was granted unparalleled customer experience and return on investment by not only implementing its integrated power infrastructure solution, but also by managing the entire system effectively. The ESP delivered the behind-the-meter service 75% faster and 30% more affordably than building these networks themselves. The value Blue Pillar adds to the ESP’s own arsenal of services enables it to be better positioned to take full advantage of distributed generation located behind the meter at key customer commercial facilities and put their customers in control of their own energy future.

Are you thinking about building your own IoT network to connect DERs Behind-the-Meter? Download the Frost and Sullivan “Behind the Meter Internet-of-Energy” report to learn how outsourcing this through ENaaS could deliver a faster time to value and ROI.

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