Blue Pillar Wins Prestigious Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award for Behind-the-Meter Internet- of-Energy, Part 2: Open to Third-Party Software

Posted by Todd Krause, Chief Commercial Officer on Sep 21, 2017 9:45:00 AM
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Highlighting the rapid emergence of distributed energy resources (DERs), the newly released report from Frost & Sullivan establishes the need for utilities and their commercial and industrial (C&I) customers  to create behind-the-meter networks of DERs to enable a number of applications including:

  • Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) — A virtual facility that amalgamates various potential resources, including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), energy storage solutions, and customer-owned distributed energy resources (DERs)
  • Automated Demand Response (ADR)ADR programs are being used by utilities to gain access to distributed generation behind the meter in times of peak demand to help stabilize the grid and avoid power outages. ADR programs provide incentives to C&I customers to go off the grid during peak demand.
  • Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS) — Systems used to integrate distributed generation sources that are increasingly found behind the meter at C&I facilities and used to enhance the controllability of distributed assets through near real-time monitoring.

Frost & Sullivan recognized Blue Pillar as a first-of-its-kind Energy IoT platform that is as open on the software side as it is in connecting varying types of hardware devices. Flexibility to third-party software plug-ins is a key factor that set Blue Pillar apart in its ability to address the needs of both sides of the meter and has been a game changer in the industry. Blue Pillar allows any third-party application to be “plugged-in” over time — whether desired by an energy provider (e.g. DERMS, VPP or ADR), or C&I facility (e.g. Energy Management) — using Blue Pillar's Aurora® OpenAPI to access data and control from all connected behind-the-meter DERs. All data is backed up and protected by Blue Pillar and historical data is available to any new software applications the end user may want to add at a later date. This openness allows Blue Pillar to deliver a future-proof solution that can scale to the changing needs of the dynamic behind-the-meter environment.

Understanding the complex nature of behind-the-meter assets and C&I customer needs, Blue Pillar’s Aurora Energy Network of Things® platform has been used in a variety of use cases including delivering energy savings, reducing facility outages, and better managing energy systems within buildings. By taking a platform approach and focusing on the need to connect DERs to deliver many outcomes, Blue Pillar has reached a wide base of C&I customers, including hospitals, cable/wireless providers, the military, government agencies, commercial real estate, and large research universities.

Whether its ensuring the reliability and resiliency of a C&I business’s power, or enabling energy providers to engage better with their own customers through additional offerings, Blue Pillar has differentiated itself not only by innovating the way it prescribes behind-the-meter networks, but by being the first to offer a fully turnkey and automated approach to delivering the creation of Energy IoT networks of DERs without ever requiring the customer to set foot behind the meter.

Ready to partner with the industry leader in connecting behind-the-meter DERs? Download the Frost & Sullivan report “Behind-the-Meter Internet-of-Energy Growth Excellence Leadership Award” to learn more and understand why Blue Pillar was chosen as the undisputed industry leader.

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