Blue Pillar Wins Prestigious Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award for Behind-the-Meter Internet- of-Energy, Part 1

Posted by Todd Krause, Chief Commercial Officer on Sep 19, 2017 9:43:28 AM
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Today, Blue Pillar announced we were recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s “2017 North American Behind-the-meter Internet-of-Energy Growth Excellence Leadership Award” for connecting behind-the-meter assets that can help overcome reliability and resiliency challenges, while also being first in market to offer Energy Network-as-a-Service (ENaaS). Each year, Frost & Sullivan bestows this award upon the company that demonstrates excellence in growth and customer value. It recognizes the superiority of the product/service, as well as the overall customer, purchase, ownership, and service experience offered, which has resulted in the recipient company seeing above-market growth and greater share of wallet. The award lauds the growth, diversification, and sustainability strategies of the company.

Blue Pillar, established in 2006, launched the Aurora® Energy Network of Things® platform for connecting all the distributed assets behind the meter. According to the report: “Aurora’s greatest competitive advantage has been its ability to utilize a software automated deployment approach to connect any Distributed Energy Resource (DER) or legacy asset that generates, stores, consumes, switches or measures electricity. These devices include meters (water, gas and electric), generators (diesel and gas), energy storage, solar panels, fuel cells, boilers, HVAC control panels, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, Building Automation Systems, fuel cells and any other energy equipment found behind the meter. The company has consistently surpassed the average industry growth rate.”

Blue Pillar is an Energy Internet of Things (IoT) platform company with the goal to seamlessly connect distributed energy resources (DERs) — new or old and all makes and models — to help commercial facilities, utilities, demand response (DR) aggregators, and energy providers avoid power outages, balance the grid, alleviate grid stress, and drive higher levels of efficiency and data interoperability. Since the product’s introduction, the company has connected well over 5,000 DER assets with an aggregated capacity of exceeding 400 MW. Blue Pillar recorded a phenomenal revenue growth of over 650% during 2011 to 2015. This market growth performance has been possible due to its focus on offering a platform capable of providing ubiquitous connectivity of behind-the-meter assets to enable the power of data and control, rather than focusing on connecting the disparate assets along the grid network.

In today’s press release, Frost & Sullivan analyst Farah Saeed, Global Program Leader, Grids said: “Blue Pillar’s Aurora® Energy Network of Things® platform simplifies the connectivity of DERS into an open and centralized platform to deliver real-time energy data energy providers, C&I facilities, DR aggregators and third-party software providers. What makes Aurora unique is that it can connect any switch, meter, generation source, or other asset that happens behind the meter, regardless of age, make, model, or type, through a cyber-secure and scalable open IoT architecture that is completely vendor agnostic. This approach advances data analytics and control at the grid edge required to help utilities and other end users with their capacity planning and peak demand management.”

A number of companies are developing energy management solutions, but only Blue Pillar is focused on connecting behind-the-meter assets through an open IoT platform to make DER data accessible to third-party energy management software. Blue Pillar has differentiated itself not only in innovating the way it prescribes behind-the-meter networks, but it was the first to offer an ENaaS — a fully turnkey and automated approach to delivering the creation of Energy IoT networks of DERs without ever requiring the customer to set foot behind the meter. Blue Pillar’s ENaaS offering eliminates operational deployment and maintenance concerns and delivers all hardware, installation and configuration required to keep the network alive. Behind-the-meter data and control is accessible through an open Application Program Interface (API) that dramatically reduces development time and costs.

“Blue Pillar has successfully demonstrated that it can connect all types of DERs through its industry-recognized Aurora® Energy Network of Things® platform and is scaling globally to connect more DERs than any of its competitors,” said Saeed. “It is able to do so through strong technology partnerships, such as with Dell and Intel for grid-edge gateway devices, Microsoft for OS, and Azure for cloud service. These brand names allow Blue Pillar to successfully bridge the gap between the facility and IT departments. For these reasons, Blue Pillar has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 North American Behind-the-meter Internet-of-Energy Growth Excellence Leadership Award.”

In this 3-part blog series, we will share some of the key findings from the Frost & Sullivan report or you can download it here in its entirety. Stay tuned for part 2 where we dive into the value Blue Pillar unlocks for its diverse set of C&I customers. In part 3, we review Blue Pillar’s Energy Network as a Service (ENaaS) used by energy service providers and DR aggregators to fast track time to value for behind-the-meter DERs sitting at their C&I customer sites.

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