Blue Pillar Wins Platts Global Energy Grid Edge Award – A Sign of Rapidly Emerging Energy Transformation

Posted by Kimberly Getgen on Dec 13, 2016 2:00:00 PM
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Last week was an exciting one for Blue Pillar.  It was our first year attending the Platts Global Energy Awards gala on Wall Street in New York City where we learned that we had won the coveted Grid Edge Award from a field of prestigious and innovative finalists. We are particularly excited about this award not just because of what it means for us as a company, but because of what it says about the current transformation happening within the energy industry at the edge of the grid.

According to Platts, the award “reflects the blurring of the lines between energy service providers and consumers, as players on both sides of the meter seek new ways to solve the problem of intermittency... Blue Pillar’s Aurora “serve[s] not only utilities’ customers but also the utilities themselves.” We believe this line is the where the future of the grid will be redefined. 

Over the past year, Blue Pillar has expanded its footprint by networking onsite DERs at the grid edge on behalf of commercial facilities and electricity providers, helping both achieve energy management and efficiency goals. By rapidly connecting DERs at the grid edge, our platform has enabled delivery of new energy services, improved customer satisfaction within the commercial sector and shrunk carbon footprints.

Surging demand for energy networks that provide connectivity, control, and remote monitoring is driving Blue Pillar’s business. Behind-the-meter DERs have seen a 400 percent growth rate in the last five years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. This growth represents a significant opportunity for energy and technology providers. Navigant Research says, “a new landscape is emerging in which a more sophisticated two-way grid of networked DERs is emerging which will pave the way for an Energy Cloud ecosystem valued at $1.3 trillion in new annual industry revenue by 2030.”

We are excited to be leading this transformation by connecting DERs at the grid edge. Blue Pillar CEO Tom Willie best summarized the role we play in a shifting energy landscape: “the vision of Blue Pillar lies in a simple question – what would our customers be able to achieve if they had ubiquitous access to behind-the-meter energy information and secure automated control over their energy assets and systems? Our C&I customers are proving they can operate their facilities more sustainably, efficiently, safely, and with greater resiliency to unexpected events. Our energy provider customers are embracing Aurora to expand the grid edge allowing them to collaborate more deeply with some of their most important C&I customers.”

By bringing together the energy needs of companies on both sides of the grid edge, Blue Pillar’s Energy IoT solution is quickly becoming the connective tissue of networked DERs that is paving the way for innovative, new energy services.

Learn more about the transformation at the edge of the grid by downloading our Energy Provider eBook or contact us for a demo today.

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