Energy Network of Things Video Series: Blue Pillar Secures Energy IoT from Sensors to the Cloud

Posted by Brad Witter, Co-Founder and CTO on Aug 15, 2017 1:12:00 PM



The world that we know today has changed a lot over the last decade. It seems like a person can hardly avoid reading about a major company’s cybersecurity being intruded upon due to vulnerabilities and exposure that nobody was aware of. This is particularly evident in the world of industrial automation. These intrusions are the bane of the industrial automation network.

If your facility is trying to accomplish a digital energy management system, it may be difficult to do in a relatively insecure connection environment like industrial automation. Looking at its history, industrial automation was intended to be a network approach for peer-to-peer communication. The industry grew so rapidly, it never had a chance to become secure as it sits on networks that are completely open and exposed. This poses a huge security problem for companies all over.

With industrial automation, vulnerabilities aren’t always apparent to IT departments because they often sit with pieces of equipment that can be outside the scope of the IT responsibility. It’s those pieces that are the most insecure and present in a public domain space where they can be attacked from outside.

At Blue Pillar, we have felt from the very beginning of our company that it is imperative to build security in at the node level, resulting in clear and secure communication all the way down to the sensor and all the way up to the cloud. It doesn’t matter if we read or write the information, we always encrypt, secure, store, and authenticate it as if the information is a banking transaction, whether it’s inside or outside the customer’s network.

So, unlike Building Automation Systems of the past, we’ve invested in ways to secure our Aurora® Energy Network of Things™ platform right from the beginning and we continue to migrate and move to the best practices available to secure every network that we deploy.

To learn more about the risks of industrial automation, watch this 2-minute video and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.

Topics: Cybersecurity, Energy IoT