Blue Pillar and Dell Release Blueprint for Automated Demand Response

Posted by Eric Reichel, Vice President Product & Operations on Apr 19, 2016 11:51:35 AM
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Today, Blue Pillar, Dell and Microsoft worked together to release their Blueprint for Automated Demand Response (ADR).  Through ADR solutions, facilities are able to improve profitability through DR incentives and reduce operational risks by receiving proactive notifications from their utility ahead of a potential power disruption. Utilities, on the other hand, are able to maintain grid reliability and stability while enabling their end customers to realize significant value from onsite power generation and reduced consumption. 

The Blueprint includes five best practices for ADR implementation:

     1. Develop Demand Response objectives

Energy providers can encourage participation in Demand Response by offering payment for lowering demand at requested times and rebates to cover deployment costs.  When developing objectives, facilities should consider issues related to their current energy cost expansion and which stakeholders would be required to support the completion of a DR deployment.

     2. Uncover your ADR potential through a comprehensive site survey

Using Blue Pillar’s fully-automated, tablet-based digital survey, facilities can uncover their ADR potential and identify what distributed energy resources can be enrolled in demand reduction. The site survey streamlines the deployment process by eliminating the man-hours associated with connecting equipment in a custom facility integration project.   Blue Pillar’s survey tool creates a full commissioning plan with the necessary engineering drawings and deployment instructions out-of-the box.

     3. Connect, aggregate and communicate with selected equipment and devices

The next step is seamlessly connecting to all various types of equipment you want to enroll in the DR program regardless of make, model, vintage or type. Blue Pillar’s Aurora®, running on the Dell Edge 5000 Series Gateway, is self-configurable and can quickly connect to all assets identified in the site survey without requiring customized SCADA code development, reducing deployment costs by 70%.

     4. Configure for automated control through local orchestration.

Blue Pillar’s Aurora, running on the Dell Edge 5000 Series Gateway, is OpenADR 2.0a VEN certified so there is very little the facility needs to do to respond to DR once the equipment is installed and connected. With established secure connections to facility equipment, real-time data can be gathered, and all appropriate actions can take place when the facility receives DR notification from the grid operator or DR aggregator. 

     5. Optimize your ADR solution and monitor the ROI

The Aurora platform working on the Dell Edge 5000 Series Gateway offers a proven, common platform to implement additional energy management savings by reducing consumption or enabling a facility to more proactively generate their own onsite power.

With Blue Pillar, Dell and Microsoft, you can take a pragmatic approach to Building and Energy Management backed by the most proven companies in IoT that leverages your current technology investments to quickly and securely enable analytics-driven action.


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