Blue Pillar and Con Edison Team Up with New York City Hospitals to Strengthen Electric Grid Resiliency

Posted by Tom Willie on Jul 13, 2015 9:00:00 AM


Today, Blue Pillar announced its efforts to work with New York City hospitals to help strengthen grid resiliency.  As a selected solution provider in Con Edison’s Demand Management Program, Blue Pillar is proud to support first-mover hospitals that are using their back-up emergency generation systems to strengthen the grid—and their facilities—against the devastating effects of power outages and severe weather events that cause them to lose power during times of crisis.

Traditionally, hospitals have been slow to participate in Demand Management programs - even within areas with lucrative incentives. For example in the northeast, the region hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, less than 2% participate in Demand Response programs today (see pie chart below, source: PJM).


What is unique about today's announcement is that these first mover hospitals are using the payback from the demand management program to automate their compliance testing and improve their overall resiliency while strengthening their local grid. These hospitals are not only creating a safer environment for their patients, but for the citizens of New York City and their effort should be applauded. 

The incentives available in this program offered by Con Edison are the first of their kind in the country and have allowed Blue Pillar to deploy its software solution with minimal upfront capital. For the remainder of the Con Edison program availability, Blue Pillar will also offer qualified New York City facility owners additional financing so that the purchase can be made with no capital down.

To date, Blue Pillar has connected thousands of distributed generation assets like back-up generators, combined heat and power plants, and microgrids. In addition to the benefits of enrollment in a demand response program, Blue Pillar is able to connect to all facility equipment assets and is able to provide facility managers advanced warning of maintenance issues, grid outage events and an automated way to test electrical infrastructure so that they are in compliance with industry standards.

Blue Pillar encourages any New York City building owner interested in enrolling their generators in the program to contact them at 1-888-234-3212 before August 1, 2015 to take advantage of this unique program and special financing. For those wanting to better assess the preparedness of their critical facility, download Blue Pillar’s Resiliency Readiness Checklist to learn more.

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