Webcast Replay: Can Energy IoT Outage-Proof Your Data Centers and Business?

Posted by Tom Ehart, Director of Marketing Communications on Aug 17, 2017 11:44:00 AM


Your facility can’t afford to lose power. Power outages cost businesses $150 billion annually, and the cost of a power outage at a data center has increased by 38% since 2010. By connecting the things that power your business into an Energy IoT platform, you can have the real-time information and control to avoid outages — regardless of make, model, type, or vintage of your “Energy Things”. By connecting Things like backup generators or networking onsite generation into islandable microgrids, you can avoid your next business-crippling power outage and guard against lost revenue.

Blue Pillar is the world’s leading Energy Network of Things® provider that connects any distributed energy asset regardless of make, model, vintage, or type. Our award-winning Aurora® Energy IoT platform and unique deployment methodology are the first self-configurable solution to auto-prescribe secure energy control networks to connect behind-the-meter distributed energy resources for real-time control and collection of energy data.

Blue Pillar uniquely brings facilities into the digital age by connecting all energy assets with a single platform. Blue Pillar’s Aurora platform collects and organizes facility energy data in real time, while enabling centralized control of all meters and behind-the-meter “Energy Things.” From legacy diesel generators and switches to solar panels, inverters and batteries, Blue Pillar’s mission is to connect anything that consumes, generates, switches, stores, or measures energy.

Aurora is deployed at over 600 facilities across several industry sectors, including hospitals, cable/telecom, Energy Service Providers, military, and education. Blue Pillar has connected over 400 megawatts (MW) with the Aurora Energy Network of Things platform and is recognized as having the largest microgrid portfolio based on megawatts connected with the ability to island off the grid, per Navigant Research. Our expertise is best realized in organizations with critical and complex energy management needs, whether at large individual sites, spanning multiple facilities, or consisting of geographically dispersed distributed generation.

We’re ready to retrofit all your assets and don’t expect you to have any specific type of model or make, because we’re ready to connect to anything you have.

Don’t wait for your next outage! Replay our latest webinar with our CTO, Brad Witter, today to learn more about how Energy IoT can help avoid your next outage, and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest Blue Pillar updates.

Topics: Emergency Power Management, Resiliency, Healthcare Facilities, Energy IoT, Data Centers