Why Blue Pillar? We Love ALL of Your Energy Things!

Posted by Tom Ehart, Director of Marketing Communications on Jul 26, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Blue Pillar brings a disruptive and innovative vision to revitalize the energy sector for the twenty-first century. We love all the Energy Things that power our modern world, and we strive to connect them using our Aurora® state-of-the-art energy controls and networking platform. Blue Pillar offers the widest breadth of connectivity to our customers. Most IoT solutions are not open or vendor-agnostic. They can only connect their own proprietary hardware and software systems into an Internet of THEIR Things. Blue Pillar is different and truly open. We can integrate any energy asset regardless of make, model, vintage, or type.  And we offer flexible scalability from a small network within a single sites to connecting multiple, distributed remote sites worldwide.

What further allows Blue Pillar to stand apart in the Energy IoT crowd is our Energy Network-as-a-Service (ENaaS) — a no-touch, behind-the-meter deployment that is revolutionizing the energy industry. With ENaaS, Blue Pillar owns and maintains all hardware needed to enable the Energy IoT network (e.g. sensors, gateways, etc.). We provide Service Level Agreements around data reliability and network uptime. We take the “necessary evil” of having to build and deploy IoT networks off your plate and allow you to focus on the data that will drive your enterprise.

At the center of Blue Pillar’s innovation lies a drive to provide the best possible network integration and reliability to our customers. Our platform is built from the ground-up with security as a cornerstone and not an afterthought, redefining asset connectivity in an online landscape fraught with vulnerabilities. The assets and facilities we love are the valuable energy life-blood of your organization, and Blue Pillar protects their data and controls behind-the-meter better than any of the current out-of-date standards. Blue Pillar offers a truly innovative and future-proof solution that is as flexible as it is reliable.

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Topics: Energy Management, Internet of Things, Energy IoT, Grid Edge, Energy Transformation