Transforming Legacy “Energy Things” into an IoT-Enabled Powerhouse

Posted by Kimberly Getgen on Aug 22, 2017 10:04:00 AM
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Tired of getting stuck with old legacy and proprietary energy assets? Like you, we’ve seen it all. Stranded assets, trapped energy data, and projects with so much customized development they were too costly to complete.  When it comes to your energy management strategy, there’s no reason to be left in the dust with old legacy proprietary assets that cannot communicate real-time data when you need it. To be successful, you need real-time data from your entire energy fleet that can be Internet-enabled so you can proactively act on conditions and feed data into predictive systems ready to shed intelligence about the state of your energy use.

As OT and IT converge, there is no reason to stay stuck with old proprietary, legacy energy systems that require you to rip and replace your old energy assets. To achieve this new real-time, energy data rich reality, it’s time to talk to Blue Pillar.

Our Aurora® Energy Network of Things® platform offers an affordable and efficient alternative to ripping and replacing legacy infrastructure. We take a “retrofit” approach into a modern IoT platform that is open, cyber secure and connects all kinds of Energy Things, regardless of their make, model, or vintage. Blue Pillar is the only Energy IoT platform to do that, which is something that often leaves our competitors scratching their heads. That’s because Aurora is the world’s only template-driven IoT platform that can automatically connect legacy energy assets. Rather than spending a fortune replacing equipment that amounts to a large, wasted capital expense, we help companies retrofit old assets into new IoT-enabled powerhouses.

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Topics: Energy Management, Energy IoT