Top 5 Trends in Commercial Real Estate Energy Management Solved by Blue Pillar’s Energy IoT Platform: Part 2

Posted by Robert Garrett, Sales Director on Oct 5, 2017 9:11:00 AM

In Part 1 of this blog series, we began to tackle the problems facing Commercial Real Estate (CRE) firms in the area of energy management. We discussed how Blue Pillar’s  Aurora® Energy Network of Things® platform eliminates the need for custom SCADA networks and provides fast and cost-effective solutions for scaling across multiple facilities in disparate geographic locations that have diverse sets of energy assets. There’s no need to rip and replace each facility’s legacy hardware infrastructure. Aurora “digitizes” assets into an IoT network and our proprietary solution remembers the configuration for each piece of equipment and each building surveyed so that knowledge can then be applied against all remaining buildings to create a rapid deployment across a national, and international, footprint. Yet additional questions still need to be addressed:

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Top 5 Trends in Commercial Real Estate Energy Management Solved by Blue Pillar’s Energy IoT Platform: Part 1

Posted by Robert Garrett, Sales Director on Oct 3, 2017 9:34:48 AM

As the owners of widely diverse building portfolios throughout the United States — some new, some old — Commercial Real Estate (CRE) firms host hundreds of tenants who use varying amounts of energy 24/7/365. These CRE firms have had a front row seat in experiencing the problems and challenges of energy management. Over the years, many of the building energy needs have changed while legacy hardware infrastructure has remained the same. Hardware assets may have become stranded, while generation assets that are decades old may still have many years of usable life left in them. Electric and water meters may have been updated in some locations, but not in others. And all these systems have become more diverse and complex as the buildings are bought and sold. It’s this history that makes commercial buildings such an interesting energy management challenge to solve. And as the need for more sophisticated billing and consumption data becomes a priority to CRE organizations, the question they must answer remains the same: “Are we able to get the real-time data necessary to meet our current and future energy management needs from this aging energy infrastructure of disparate ‘Energy Things’?”

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IT/OT Convergence in Energy Management

Posted by Kimberly Getgen on Aug 24, 2017 1:42:00 PM

At Blue Pillar, we’ve found that creating a close partnership between IT managers and the energy/facility department is key to creating a successful Energy IoT program. These two groups form a team that works to connect every energy asset the business, hospital, or data center may have into a singular, centralized platform.

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Ready for Centralized Facility Management – 3 Simple Assessment Questions for Your Organization

Posted by Kimberly Getgen on Jul 13, 2016 11:47:09 AM

Working with companies that have numerous facilities throughout the United States, we often get asked the question, “How can I get better, high-level visibility into all of our energy usage throughout our entire corporate footprint?” The answer is something we call “Centralized Facility Management.” Blue Pillar has become one of the leaders of Centralized Facility Management because we start with a template-driven approach that unlocks the power of local connectivity across multiple sites through our Aurora® Energy Network of Things™ platform. The platform has been used to connect and collect information from all of the energy assets at local facilities and bring them to a central, single corporate interface for real-time monitoring and control of Energy Things in every building connected. To get started, check out these simple assessment questions to see if a Centralized Facilities Management approach is right for your organization.

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5 Disruptive Trends Impacting Facility and Energy Management in 2016 - Trend #3

Posted by Mark Williams, Vice President of Sales on May 24, 2016 3:30:00 PM


In the first and second posts in this series, we reviewed how disruptive technologies are making it possible for facility and energy managers to connect to, and collect and control data from, energy assets. In this third installment of the five-part series, we take a step back and examine another disruptive trend that allows facility and energy managers to take a new level of energy control to their organization.

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Blue Pillar’s Innovation Recognized by Recent Award Wins and Industry Momentum

Posted by Tom Willie on Dec 16, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Blue Pillar has been making headlines for our incredible suite of products and hard-working employees, and I could not be more proud of our recent accolades. The Aurora® platform was named Product of the Year by Energy Manager Today and earned both Gold and Silver Golden Bridge Awards as an Energy Industry Innovation of the Year.  Additionally, Deloitte recognized Blue Pillar as a Technology Fast 500™ company listed as the 15th fastest growing energy tech company emerging on the list in our inaugural year. 

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