Tipping Point: 55% Have Onsite Generation

Posted by Kimberly Getgen on Jul 13, 2015 6:00:00 AM
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Welcome to the inaugural post of the Blue Pillar Critical Facilities Blog! This blog will serve as a forum to address the issues impacting your critical energy and resiliency needs. For example, a recent survey of business by Deloitte revealed:

  • 55% were managing some form of onsite generation to make their buildings more energy resilient, self-sufficient or efficient
  • 39% were actively experimenting with new ideas to achieve their energy management (and meet budgets) goals.
If this sounds like you, welcome! Our goal is to create a conversation with people like you in a  blog that delivers useful information, new ideas and the latest trends you and your peers can share to achieve a bright, critical power management future. Whether your challenge is increasing energy savings by participating in demand management, automating the testing of your Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS), learning more about the anatomy of power outages or driving a cutting-edge microgrid strategy to increase resiliency, we will bring you the tools and information needed to make the key decisions that benefit both the day-to-day tasks and longer-term challenges you’ll face.

And with that said, we didn’t want to leave you hanging on day one. So, for our inaugural post, we have created a Compliance and Resiliency Readiness Checklist facilities managers can use to assess their emergency power systems. 

Download it today and get advice that can make your facility more resilient!

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Topics: Facility Management, Energy Management, Microgrids, Emergency Power Management, Distributed Generation, Critical Power