Emergency Demand Management – Why Your Critical Facility Should Participate: Part II

Posted by Eric Reichel, Vice President Product & Operations on Nov 17, 2015 10:00:00 AM
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This blog is part two in a two-part series on why critical facilities can increase grid stability and financial return by participating in Emergency Demand Management programs. Click here to read part 1.

If your critical facility is not participating in an Emergency Demand Management program and one is available in your area, hesitation could be stemming from a misunderstanding of the program. In the second of this two-part series, we’ll expose more of the misperceptions around unlocking some easily overlooked benefits of participating in Emergency Demand Management programs, allowing you to both save and make money while easing the burden of your emergency back-up power testing requirements.

Benefit #1: Get Paid to Test Your Generators and Meet Compliance Requirements

In addition to the benefit of advanced warning of power outages, those grid outage events during which your facility is called upon will count as a test on your systems, saving you additional time as part of your standard compliance operations. In fact, many look at this as getting paid by their utility to test their generators. For critical facilities such as hospitals that have some of the most stringent compliance testing requirements, this could be one of the most prosperous benefits for participating in Emergency Demand Management.

Benefit #2: Make Money — Look at Your Generators as a Cash Register

Emergency Demand Management programs provide incentive payments to customers for their load reduction during times of emergency when high grid demand or extreme circumstances cause a shortfall in the electricity reserve. 

In the case of the Con Edison Demand Management program, facilities have been paying a fee into the program for years, and by enrolling in the program — while funds last — they are able to get that money back and will receive future payments for their participation in the program.

Benefit #3: These Events are Rare and Your Facility Will Likely Seldom be Called

Skeptics may be concerned about how often their facility will be called upon as part of an Emergency Demand Management program. With so many elements involved in managing a facility, many perceive this type of program as an interruption to normal operations. However, it is important to note that your facility will only be called upon in the event of an emergency or pending grid outage and these events are rare. In such instances, your facility will suffer a power loss causing you to fire up your back-up generators anyway, but by enrolling in the program, you are given advanced notice of the pending outage so you can get your generators working in advance. Rather than keeping your operations vulnerable to the risk of interruption, your facility is given the chance to smoothly transition to emergency power mode and ensure back-up power systems are operating efficiently before the outage occurs.

Benefit #4: It’s Easy to Enroll in Emergency Demand Management when Blue Pillar is Your Partner – and You Get Added System Benefits 365 Days a Year

There are numerous advantages to enrolling in an Emergency Demand Management program, and the enrollment process can become much less daunting by working with a partner that is familiar with critical and complex facilities and will work with the utilities on your behalf to navigate enrollment. With Blue Pillar as your partner, you get the added benefit of working with a company that makes your facility — not the demand response program — the primary focus. Using Blue Pillar’s product suite, demand response becomes a tertiary, though beneficial, outcome.

In order to enroll in an emergency demand management program, Blue Pillar connects all of your facility’s assets and equipment — not just generators — making it possible for the utility to connect to and communicate with your facility. Once enrolled, your facility may be called upon to participate in the which provides visibility into the energy use and readiness of all your emergency equipment and gives you the capability to automate required compliance testing to save even more time and money.

Learn more.  Listen to Brad Witter, President of Blue Pillar, speak about Demand Response.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQX06NHzrJw



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