DistribuTech 2016 Wrap-Up: 3 Ways Utilities and Energy Service Providers Can Benefit From an Energy Network of Things™ Platform

Posted by Kimberly Getgen on Feb 23, 2016 10:54:00 AM
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Blue Pillar was on hand at this year’s DistribuTech conference, where one of the major trends discussed was the rapid uptick in Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) behind-the-meter. There has been a 400% growth in DERs behind-the-meter within the Commercial + Industrial (C+I) sector, operating some of the most complex facilities in the world, including hospitals, universities, and large commercial buildings. With the availability of new IoT platforms offering simplified, ubiquitous connectivity to DERs, it now becomes possible to engage the largest electricity users in the C+I market and provide new revenue generating services.

This post focuses on three trends made possible through Blue Pillar’s Aurora® Energy Network of Things platform, that work together to simplify behind-the-meter connectivity:


C+I facilities share the common goals of increasing efficiency, resiliency and self-sufficiency. Many are struggling with chaos in the form of legacy assets and inflexible proprietary systems. This interferes with their ability to drive ubiquitous connectivity and control in a standard way to all assets, regardless of make, model, vintage or type.

Any type of asset that an energy service provider would like to get info from or control behind-the-meter can be connected in a single Energy Network of Things platform. A common platform like Blue Pillar’s Aurora allows energy providers to connect to and control any asset, from meters to generators to switches to CHP or distributed generation, with a universal interface that can be used in any application or Demand Response system. In fact, Blue Pillar is already working with leading energy providers who are capitalizing on addressing these needs by offering new behind-the-meter services.


An Energy Network of Things platform focuses on the local level, bringing geographically dispersed asset information up to a central network operating center or an energy desk, and allowing central service management or central control of the asset layer. Retail energy service providers are then able to send control signals or offer new services on demand. Blue Pillar customers have used this to provide visualization or portals for their facility customers, or for Demand Response systems, among other uses.


At Blue Pillar, we offer our energy service providers a suite of facility-focused applications that integrate with our Aurora Energy Network of Things platform and can be added to our providers’ service offerings. These pre-configured solutions are ideally suited and designed to help exactly where a facility needs it most, from energy management to resiliency.

Blue Pillar’s Aurora Energy Network of Things platform is helping the largest of facilities increase energy efficiency, resiliency, and self-sufficiency. This new ability to apply simplified behind-the-meter connectivity and control, combined with a market-facing customer engagement approach through our Facility of the Future™  framework, is valuable for energy solution providers who seek to differentiate their services and engage their largest C+I customers.

Watch this short video with Blue Pillar CEO, Tom Willie, to learn more about how Blue Pillar is helping energy service providers enable Facilities of the Future™.

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