Blue Pillar: Increasing Wireless Service Reliability & Preventing Revenue Loss

Posted by Jody McDevitt on Jun 23, 2017 9:35:50 AM


Imagine losing service to a fleet of cell phone towers because back-up generators did not start during a power outage. Unfortunately, this disastrous scenario is far from uncommon and the net loss to the provider is huge. It is estimated that 20-30% of generators fail when called on in an outage. This problem results in costly downtime, impacting customers and creating a PR nightmare. It also points out systems that are ill-equipped to manage critical infrastructure in crisis.

Grid instability and extreme weather conditions are driving up the number of utility-caused power outages, and wireless service providers must be able to depend on fleets of back-up power generators in the event of such an emergency. When you have hundreds or thousands of back-up generators acting as the lifeline of your critical services in a power outage, remote access is a necessity. Without real-time monitoring and direct control of your generator fleet, wireless providers’ revenue generating services can succumb to a failed back-up generator costing millions of dollars for every minute down.

Many wireless providers are vulnerable to system failures due to their inability to easily access data from their hardware. Because their fleet of generators vary in make, model, vintage and type, most wireless providers have never had a unified view of their generators and have lacked the real-time situational awareness that could help them prevent a service interruption. Second, older, legacy generators do not have built-in monitoring capabilities, so manual truck rolls are still required to check fuel levels and battery health. This is expensive and time-consuming – and not a good strategy in the event of natural disaster or grid failure.

Most wireless providers face an unenviable choice: Replace old generators costing hundreds of millions of dollars or continue to drive trucks to check on generator health. However, Blue Pillar offers a third option: our Aurora® platform, purpose-built to deliver remote monitoring, testing and automation to your entire fleet. It’s a faster and much more affordable option than ‘rip and replace’.

This universal connectivity and situational awareness given to wireless providers is a true gamechanger. With the Blue Pillar Aurora® platform in place, wireless providers now have the key indicators of generator health without making a single site visit, including battery voltage, fuel tank levels and readiness measurements. Testing is accomplished remotely with a live video feed. Real-time health data can be accessed online across multiple departments. Alarms are sent to mobile devices only in an emergency. With Blue Pillar, wireless communication companies have unprecedented insight into their energy efficiency needs. When the grid goes down, Blue Pillar can assure that business will continue uninterrupted.

Learn more about how Blue Pillar’s Aurora® platform can help optimize and connect your company’s assets by downloading our Revenue Assurance eBook .

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