Case Study: Health Care Providers Drive Energy Management Programs with Blue Pillar

Posted by Kimberly Getgen on Jul 12, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Energy management for healthcare clients is often a matter of life or death. When the grid fails, and extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances impact energy supplies, critical facilities like hospitals must continue to operate normally to ensure the quality of patient care and safety. To guarantee reliability and reduce costs, healthcare facilities requiring technology-centralized monitoring and control of their Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) turn to Blue Pillar. This blog, is about two Blue Pillar healthcare customers who capitalized on significant energy savings of $20,000 to $200,000 per site by implementing an energy management strategy using our Aurora® Energy Network of Things™ platform. Below, are their stories.

In 2010, a nationwide healthcare provider embarked on a multi-pronged initiative to deploy a technology solution that could help the organization ensure patient safety by providing better energy resiliency measure while reducing energy costs. The plan was ambitions and composed of three core objectives: Automate Demand Response (ADR), provide insight into sub-metering to measure and verify energy consumption, and increase visibility into their facility operations’ performance. The deployment ultimately reached 65 facilities, where nearly 1,000 pieces of EPSS, metering equipment and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) of varying make, model and type had to be connected to consolidate real-time data into one centralized platform.

Meanwhile, another large regional healthcare system was under pressure to reduce costs. The reduction of energy consumption was a focus given their ongoing high costs, but they wanted to do more than simply change light bulbs and automate climate control. This healthcare system wanted real-time energy data consolidated from multiple sites across a metering and Building Automation System (BAS) infrastructure that varied dramatically in make, model and type. By consolidating all EPSS, metering and BAS types into a single platform, this organization was able to share real-time energy consumption data with all energy managers and gain a reduction in energy costs, all while better “outage-proofing” each site.

By working with Blue Pillar, both companies now leverage new real-time energy data that is providing greater operational insight into their EPSS compliance strategy and energy management spend at a corporate level. The Blue Pillar system is unique because it provides both live visualization of one-line electrical views and the automated EPSS testing desperately needed by the facility staff as part of their healthcare compliance ordinances. Additionally, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) trend energy management in real-time through dashboard views that include heat maps, building portfolio drift and building-to-building comparisons of their real-time usage is utilized by the energy management team.

This data is allowing these facilities to aggregate energy and building portfolio data on EPSS readiness, compliance status and actual energy usage that is so valuable in measuring and validating the results of their aggressive energy management programs. Combined, the Blue Pillar platform has allowed these organizations to streamline the facility operations of nearly 100 buildings. Through these initiatives, the healthcare providers have proven its possible to make a meaningful contribution to strengthen resiliency and reduce energy costs while ensuring the highest standards of patient care.

These dual case studies demonstrate the ability to achieve new levels of energy efficiency above and beyond replacing lightbulbs by using cutting-edge Energy IoT technology in the Digital Age. As our world becomes ever more dependent on important the “Energy Things” that produce, consume, measure, and store electricity, the viability of these assets in the face of grid failure is more crucial than ever — not only in the healthcare sector but across our entire economic infrastructure. Blue Pillar offers state-of-the-art technology to address this daunting challenge in any industry.

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