5 Disruptive Trends Impacting Facility and Energy Management in 2016 - Trend #2

Posted by Mark Williams, Vice President of Sales on May 19, 2016 3:30:00 PM


In the first of this five-part series, we explored how a facility’s ability to connect to energy assets has evolved. In this second post of the series exploring disruptive trends in 2016, we now take a deeper look at unleashing the power of energy management data through a cutting-edge connectivity platform that is open to all energy assets at the connectivity layer and third-party energy management software through an open Application Programming Interface (API).

Disruptive Trend #2 – Your Energy Management Data is a Right, Not a Privilege   

Stranded assets stand in the way of reaching energy management goals. As facilities work to achieve greater resiliency, energy efficiency and self-sufficiency, there is little benefit to having dashboards that can only connect to a few energy assets. A dashboard on its own with limited connectivity does little good if you don’t have access to the data you need. A recent Deloitte survey found an overwhelming 85% of energy managers saying they needed better energy management data to achieve their facility’s energy efficiency goals. 79% said achieving these goals would create a competitive advantage for their organization.

The importance of energy management programs cannot be overstated. But without connectivity, will you have the energy management data needed to achieve your programs’ goals? We believe that access to the energy management data you consume and therefore need to achieve goals is your right. Access to energy management data is enabled through connectivity to the multitude of energy assets from meters to generators, HVAC systems and more. But, connectivity to assets, while important, is only half the battle. Therefore, Blue Pillar believes that a major disruptive trend for 2016 will occur through Energy Network of Things platforms that offer connectivity to all assets and applications to bring more affordable data visualization choices to market.

Blue Pillar’s Aurora® Energy Network of Things platform is open at the software layer, allowing facilities to add new assets, dashboards and applications at any time. Today, we offer dozens of energy management applications the same way that a calculator or calendar app would be offered on your Apple or Android phone — some are provided by the manufacturer of the phone, some are provided standard with the platform at no additional charge, and others are available for download provided by the developer community for a small fee. Aurora offers the industry’s most flexible approach allowing our customers to:

  1. Actively choose from dozens of applications that are powered by Aurora (provided by Blue Pillar and third-parties)
  2. Select a 3rd party application provider to interface with Aurora
  3. Develop your own IT interfaces using data from facility assets

Facility customers from all different types of industries are utilizing the data and control capabilities of the Aurora platform to solve numerous use cases. Through an open Energy Network of Things platform, it finally becomes possible to collect real-time energy management data from any connected asset through any application allowing you to keep the lights on and the costs energy costs low inside your facilities. This flexibility also means you can integrate the solutions that are a best fit for your business and easily evolve to meet demands as new applications become available.

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Topics: Internet of Things, Behing-the-Meter Connectivity